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You know what I love. Not getting stabbed. Or shot. Or robbed. While I could attribute this to the fact that I never leave the house, I would like to think that it’s the presence of the city’s finest. Did he just praise the police, man fuck the police. Yup, I’m one of the few of the Youtube Generation who doesn’t actively despise the police. I mean, of course, I don’t walk up to them and start conversations, but I do admire them from a distance.

Now here’s what I don’t get. If you’re doing something illegal why is it the officer’s fault that you get arrested. If you’re walking around like weed is legal it’s definitely not his fault that you got locked up. Now you have a charge and your little stupid ass friends are screaming “FTP” and “Free my nigga Two Scoops”. If you’re doing something illegal, or even if you’re not you need to be respectful and polite to cops. Think about how hard it is to be mad at a younger sibling if they’re sweet and apologize. Now, as much as I hate to see anybody locked up Jail exist for a reason and some people don’t need to be free. Some people need a few years behind bars.

Correct me if I’m wrong but there’s a difference between cooperating and snitching right? If you don’t think so then go read a book. There is absolutely nothing wrong with talking to the police. Fuck whatever rap music says they’re there to help the greater good. Once you go against the greater good that’s when you get some attention. Let me break it down. Prison bad, Police good. I define snitching as throwing somebody under the bus in order to get off the hook. I have no respect for somebody who would send a friend to jail to get out of a sentence, but that’s the worst case. I honestly believe “the man” planted this snitching mindset just so that the black community would get themselves locked up more easily. So not only do you get whatever charge you got brought in for you also get “obstruction of justice” because of a rap song. 2 for 1.

I’ve never been arrested. I rarely deal with police. I’ve gotten pulled over 3 times. But each time I was very nice and I smiled and used my manners and I drove away with nothing more than a warning. At the end of the day it’s easy to forget that police are humans too. I’m sure they’d rather write a ticket then arrest somebody. The sooner our generation is more accepting of police the sooner we can develop and blossom.



I have recently witnessed a surplus of idiots who love to think they are intellectual or deep. This is usually because of Youtube or psychedelics. While talking to one of these smart dumb asses, America might come into the conversation. I usually don’t like overly patriotic people who have a “Fuck every other country” mentality, because they’re kind of naive and annoying, but you can tell their heart is in the right place.

What I absolutely hate, are people who don’t watch C-SPAN, don’t listen to debates, and don’t even read the newspaper, but love to tell you how shitty America is and how the Government lies about EVERYTHING. Just to make things clear There’s nothing wrong with loving your country, and there’s nothing wrong with hating your country. Everyone is titled to their opinions, BUT there is a such thing as an educated opinion. If you got injured on the job, and Medicaid won’t help you, The Court can’t help you out, and you can’t get disabilities, i more than understand if you are less than pleased with the way things are going. But if you just sit at home all day , smoking weed and watching anti-illumunati videos, you have no idea what you’re talking about. You don’t work, you don’t really help society other than the 3 cents of tax money out of the dollar you spend on your Arizona. Like I said, Educated. Really, yes America is not what it used to be , economically of course I haven’t been here long enough to really know what ” the good old days” were like, but even in our recession things are much better here than say .. Russia or Africa. I would love to drop these dumbasses off there and tell them they’re free from the oppression of the United States Government.

Ask one of these idiots if they vote. Nah man I don’t vote bro it doesn’t make a difference it’s all corrupt man a YouTube video told me so. Wow so you have the power to pretty much influence the government and get your voice heard, but you refuse because it doesn’t matter. If you vote you can bitch about the government all you want. If you don’t vote Shut the Fuck up it’s your fault you had the power and blew it. Basically If you don’t like the country get the fuck out. We’re really better off without you. And since the government is evil, don’t apply for healthcare, student loans, none of that shit it’s dirty money you’re smart enough to where you don’t need the help..