If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. worst.. phrase.. ever. Don’t you hate when people say phrases that doesn’t really mean anything. Somebody got that in a fortune cookie and just said it every chance they got until it stuck in mainstream culture. I believe this applies to a subculture of the “Youtube generation” , I coined that, who are sitting around just looking for something to fight for. I could title this “Kill all phonies”, so that these so-called hippies and “Illuminati experts” can pick up the John Lennon reference but I doubt they’re that clever.

I’m going to go on a bit of a tangent. Just because you do hard drugs does not make you smart, deep, spiritual, interesting, or important. Just like me writing about people does not make me any better, but I’m not walking around with my nose in the air. Just because you sit in a basement “tripping balls” doesn’t mean you’re doing it to be one with the universe. It’s just drugs, take them and shut the hell up. I’ve never heard somebody take shots and say “I’m doing this so I can talk to the Earth”. I live for that moment when these guys are coming down and say “man I’m wasting my life” that’s the smart side coming out.. listen. You are wasting your life, nothing you do on drugs is important, NOTHING. Stephen King and Steve Jobs did drugs, but they’re the exception, I doubt they did their best work while high. And they’re the best examples they’re the exception, if people take drugs in hopes of becoming successful then by all means keep wasting your time, you weren’t going to do it sober anyway. You are the bane of society. You’re the reasons why drugs are illegal.

Okay.. I’m calm now, I got it together. Now normally I try to be more subtle in my Segways but seeing as I can’t think of anything…. I hate hippies. They’re annoying. Shave your face, and go get a job. Which they did, the hippy movement died out in the early 80s and a lot of our parents, parents got their shit together and put on a suit and did their thing. As much as I hate hippies, at a point in history they where completely necessary. America wasn’t very conscience of certain issues, and hippies where basically CNN. A lot like how rappers in the early 80’s reported and raised awareness of conditions in America, hippies pointed out and spoke up against a lot of messed up things, like a totally unnecessary war. There were three days I went to Baltimore with some friends and just did drugs and drank, It was fun, but when it was time to stop I went back to reality, The real world is waiting once the drugs are done.

Futurama Fry - If hippies hate consumerism how come they buy anything with a peace sign on it

My generation is a melting pot of older cultures and people seem to search for a sense of identity. I’m not apart of this generation, I am actually a unique individual and try to avoid letting anything mainstream influence my personality. I had Netflix, but then I switched to HULU because nobody else has it. In the 21st century we have the Modern Hippies. Which is kind of ironic, because now we have another unneccessary war, but people are so much more socially aware due to podcasts, blogs, YouTube, and news stations actually reporting real news every once in a while. We are so aware of politics now-a-days anytime a person in power slips up they have to immediately address for damage control. So you can go away now. And once you take away the social relevance, what makes you a hippy? Drugs once again. As corny as the hippies are, they had a good message. They stood for a lot more than drugs and you’re taking a culture and making it even more shallow then it already is. I have no problem with people being associated with it because you’re actually fighting for something. But that’s like me repping Black Panthers. I haven’t done anything that would reinforce that other than being black. You pride yourself on being different from other people but then you join a group full of people who are exactly like you. Yeah don’t get that. And hippies are supposed to be anti consumerism how come people drink Peace Tea? What makes it peaceful, the peace symbol on the front? Is it made with less cruelty, do the proceeds go to help African children get running shoes? I rest my case.

Now when I was little my wonderful father let me view all kind of shows that I had no business watching. Boondocks, Chappelle Show, Stand up, South Park and that’s where my disdain for politics came into play. I was just old enough to understand the commentary in the simplest sense but a lot of the stuff went above my head. At 11 I  was a militant little bastard. I was a socialist before I even knew what it meant. I wrote stories about overtaking the government, really poorly written stories I was not very good at that point, and I thought I knew how the world worked. Fast Forward a few years later I stumbled across something called the Illuminati. I was infuriated, I told everybody I knew and I got ridiculed. Fast forward another few years everybody knows about this “secret society”. I had grown out of it and was pretty much over it, but now people where talking about it. And talking about. And talking about it some more. Now at this point I was extremely cynical. I had seen both sides of the argument and decided the entire concept is stupid.

With permission I’d like to do some more ranting. Dear Mr. Killuminati. Go read a book. Seriously when we get into discussion that usually ends with you being intellectually defeated and dismissing my points, tell me you got some information from a book. Or a documentary. Or a movie. I’d be impressed is somebody mentioned Fight Club. It is the perfect example of anti corporation, underground revolution movie that avoids hitting the viewer in the face with its subtext. But don’t tell me to go on Youtube. Youtube, where anybody can upload content? Tell me Wikipedia, not YouTube. To anybody above a high school education you sound like an idiot. Tell your parents about the Illuminati. Bet they’ll look at you like you’re special. You’ll say “man  they don’t understand” . No they do, they where the hippies we were talking about. They had they’re rebellious stage , grew up and now are too mature to even engage you. There are so many causes to actually fight for, why would fight an Invisible opponent that you have no chance of even competing with. I guess that’d mean actually leaving the basement huh. “nah man I’ll sign up like Tupac and expose them” Why would the Illuminati want your sorry ass? You don’t do shit but sit up and watch videos about them. And as far as Tupac I think his death was gang related. What makes me say that? He had Thug Life tattooed across his stomach. And to quote the talented Kendrick Lamar ” who said a black man in the illuminati .. that’s the biggest racist party”. I don’t mind you not buying that, I don’t totally buy it myself, but at least consider that as an option. I wouldn’t be surprised if certain artists even put in strange imagery just to get dumbasses to make videos about it and give them more exposure then they already have *cough Rihanna *cough.

Don’t get me wrong there’s definitely some sinister motives out there, but the American government is the least of the offenders. Why don’t you go to China or Cuba and try that “the government is bullshit” bullshit. You can only get away with that in America you’re not about that life for real it’s easy to be a fighter behind a keyboard. There are so many actual causes worth fighting for. Go volunteer, become a paramedic, run for office, shit go join Occupy Wall Street that way you can be seen revolting. You’re wasting what little talent you have talking instead of actually making a difference.