Now that it’s election time you’ll hear a lot of words that get repeated a lot. “Muslim” “Socialism” “Deficit”. These are called hot topics. Politics use these words to get uneducated voters to get riled up but generally they don’t really know what they mean , or the meaning is misconstrued to mean something bad, when it’s actually not depending on the context. When you think of Democracy what comes to mind? The flag, maybe apple pie, but I doubt it’s anything negative. That’s because since we were 5 we were taught Democracy good, anything else is bad and to associate anything negative with Democracy means you’re a Communist. There are documents about this The Red Scare had people locked up merely because they allegedly thought a different form of government was bad. We’ve all been brainwashed into thinking Democracy is the, best, only way to be governed, and up to a few decades I would completely agree.

Another hot topic politics use is Dictatorship. Even when I associate Democracy with a  color it’s red or white or blue, and when I think of Dictatorship a murky grey or brown comes o mind. A clear case of the School System doing it’s job. But is democracy all that effective? America isn’t exactly the same it was years ago. I do believe the average IQ has dropped significantly, I blame Jersey Shore and American Idol. Any body remember as a kid the teacher would give the class a Ultamatium? Sometimes Choice A was a better longterm decision and Choice B had a quick reward. My second grade teacher asked if we’d rather have a full hour of recess and then no recess the next two days or a 30 minute recess for three days. I being ahead of the curve chose option B, but the rest of my class, looking for a quick fix chose option A. Clearly the majority isn’t always the best choice. Most people are idiots, and the smart people are too smart to vote. That’s how you get Bush in office.. twice, who turned us from on top of the world to on its way to a third world country. This isn’t a slant on Conservatives, but if you think Bush was a good president then wow just wow, but now poor Obama has to pick up the pieces of a still great nation that’s divided 3 different ways.

I think we can all agree Obama hasn’t been the best president and hasn’t been the most effective at fixing the economy and a few other issues. But think about it, he has to deal with The Senate, which is now majority Republican, and the people who aren’t that aware. Now the question I present is, is it Obama that’s ineffective or the system? I do believe the right Republican can fix the economy, I even think Obama could easily fix it. But instead of getting somewhere, they’re pulling a rope in different directions and we’re going nowhere as a country and both pointing fingers, nobody blames Congress who can pretty much Negate anything Obama tries to pass.

In the Great Depression Franklin Roosevelt pretty much became the king of America and rebuilt the country to the ground. He even served more than two terms, and in my mind is the best American president, who worked with Congress to get work done and help the people. Now same shit, basically, except nothing can get passed because the Republican party is focused on getting Obama out of office and Obama is worried about getting back in office. The difference was FDR had little to no resistance. He passed what he wanted, and clearly the results where positive. FDR was pretty much a Benevolent Dictator. Did I just say Dictatorship was good? I’m just getting started.

Now even though in my last article I slammed people who thought the government lies about Everything, fact is the government is extremely manipulative. Politics are just a popularity contest, as opposed to whose the best candidate, or even working together between parties to get shit done. You only really have two choices.  And while they can’t directly tell you what to do but they can influence how you think and how you live. Now I’m going to explain why, purely in an economic sense, that Democracy isn’t always that great. If you look back at the richest, biggest nations almost none of them are Democracies. They’re either Dictatorships or ruled by a King or Queen. Imagine a store where everybody had a say in what would happen. In some cases it could prove helpful, but in a lot more cases it’d ruin the business. You need a boss to come in and put some foot in some ass so that shit goes smoothly. When Hitler came into power, Germany was in the shitter, The dollar wasn’t worth shit, there was no real government, the cities were filled with trash. He was elected and then in two years turned it into a world power. Two years and Elected.. If Hitler had gotten shot during a speech right before he invaded Poland, He’d be a hero, and be held in history as one of the greatest man alive. Ant that’s the worst case scenario for a Dictatorship. THE WORST CASE, a man rebuilds an entire country. I’m not making a point for Dictatorship, Democracy is cool, but we as a country need to open our eyes, and see things for the way they really are there should be an alternative choice at the least.