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AIDS isn’t the only epidemic in America. There’s also stupidity epidemic and the obesity epidemic.  Apparently both are spreading and are very serious. In a statistic I just made up 5 of 4 people are stupid as shit… Just kidding, that’s preposterous.  When you use the word epidemic it usually means something bad and very sudden. Usually unexplained or by surprise. Stupidity can be tracked back as far as 2009 when Jersey Shore got renewed for a second season, so clearly it doesn’t fit the criteria.

When the world was young food was scarce, there was no McDonald’s. If you wanted to eat you had to kill something. This is when getting pregnant pretty much meant the mother was on her way out, and Cannibalism was takeout. Human Nature is all about convenience, or making things easier. And for every reaction there’s a reaction. The only thing that sells that makes shit harder is exercise focused. Some smart lazy ass guy said  “stairs suck what if you could stand still but still move” and the escalator was invented. Then somebody said ” how can i reinvent the stairs but for people who don’t mind a little exercise?” then they invented the step master and the treadmill. Somebody invented the milkshake somebody else made the protein shake. The farther down society’s time line you go the less humans have to work to survive. This is good, the life expectancy has increased 20 years since a hundred years ago. Of course everything has an ebb and flow and eventually the expectancy will drop back down, to 0, but for now shit’s at an all time high. Shit that would normally take all day gets done in an hour. Thank You Technology you make writing this article and getting it out to the public easy as shit, if I had to type it then go to  print it out I would just die.  There are places in certain countries, that aren’t as fortunate as America, where people can’t gain weight, you can see their rib cage. We’ve all gotten up and changed the station when the infomercial to adopt a kid for 21 cents a year comes up. Back in the day to be fat meant you were you rich. And by back in the day I mean Game of Throne times. The human body stores energy in fat for later use, nobody calls a squirrel fat for hiding nuts in his mouth. Heh. The only people that used to be fat had to be kings or lords. Pheasants and the Unfortunates where sickly and skinny. The homeless guy with the worst living conditions still had a better chance than the lower class a thousand years ago, or even oversees. When the government starts funding gyms and raises taxes on fast food places that’s when i’ll call obesity an epidemic

As the title suggests this is about Weight. Now normally I spend the better part of an article shitting on a group of people, but this is the opposite. Leave fat people along.. If I want to clog up my arteries by eating a triple mcgrease burger with gravy, you sit and eat your Cobb salad with low-fat dressing in silence. At the end of the day what’s the point of working out. It’s not to get skinny it’s to feel good about yourself and be comfortable with your body. If I’m 500 pounds who says i’m overweight? What if last month I was 501 pounds and now i’m splurging, mind your damn business. Just because you can eat a leaf and a drop of water and be good for a week, doesn’t mean I’m fat for wanting to actually taste my food. Here’s where the title really comes into play. It’s all about how you feel about yourself. If I’m a big guy and I eat bad, and i’m okay with that that’s nobodies business but me and my weight scale. If I’m a big guy and I’m always talking about , Man I don’t get any bitches I wish I was skinny, then yeah those people have no self-control and should definitely get off their asses and run a little. Just like how self respect separates a girl who likes to have fun from a ho, it separates the big guys from the fatties. The thing a lot of people don’t consider is that eating healthy cost a lot of money. It does. Ramen Noodles are 25 cents a pack. They have over 40 grams of sodium in them. A salad alone costs 2 and a half dollars a bag. And maybe some people can’t lose weight. They’re are conditions that don’t allow people to drop pounds, think about that next time you can somebody overweight.. dick..

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Back in high school there was a lady that ran past my bus stop everyday. She was in her upper forties and was extremely skinny. She didn’t look healthy but yet everyday she would get up and run her ass off, looking like the stick figures on the “Warning pedestrians X-ing” sign. I understand that this is a rarity, but she wraps up how I feel about America. And in a way it’s not even that rare. Plenty of pretty girls, and men, starve themselves to get to a perfect weight that doesn’t exist. Every bodies so self conscience yet judgmental at the same time. Overweight people are always scrutinized. Even from a health perspective, maybe they don’t plan on living as long as you do. Maybe people want to be in control and plan on indulging until they die, that’s between themselves and their doctor. What makes your ideals so much better that they trump somebody else’s? People are so egotistical they feel the need to make everybody in their presence agree with their views. People climb mountains with no rope. That can’t be too beneficial to their health, nobody takes the climbing gear away from those guys. And god knows how bad some of these weight supplements are on the body. At the end of the day everyone has their vices and I’m trying to shake up what we as a society think as normal and ask “Why are things like this and how come they can’t be different”. Take the blue pill and open up your ways of thinking.

Usually I like to stay biased, but this hits close to home for two reasons. The main reason is because I myself was “over weight” as a kid and had to go through much ridicule. I filled out and am now, for the most part, comfortable with my current weight. Comfortable. Part of the reason I was overweight is because I had a condition. I say part because honestly if I really wanted to I could’ve lost the weight. But as a young kid, who can’t play sports, and nothing to eat but Ramen Noodles the pounds didn’t exactly drop off. The other reason is my dad recently passed of high blood pressure. This was a man who worked out tremendously, moved packages all day, and ate much better than the average person. I thought about leaving that part out I’m not fishing for sympathy, but to tie up my entire point is my dad did everything you’re supposed to do to stay healthy and it didn’t work. I’m not discouraging anybody from being fit, but nothing is guaranteed and what’s the point of living if you’re not living how you want and enjoying yourself.


If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. worst.. phrase.. ever. Don’t you hate when people say phrases that doesn’t really mean anything. Somebody got that in a fortune cookie and just said it every chance they got until it stuck in mainstream culture. I believe this applies to a subculture of the “Youtube generation” , I coined that, who are sitting around just looking for something to fight for. I could title this “Kill all phonies”, so that these so-called hippies and “Illuminati experts” can pick up the John Lennon reference but I doubt they’re that clever.

I’m going to go on a bit of a tangent. Just because you do hard drugs does not make you smart, deep, spiritual, interesting, or important. Just like me writing about people does not make me any better, but I’m not walking around with my nose in the air. Just because you sit in a basement “tripping balls” doesn’t mean you’re doing it to be one with the universe. It’s just drugs, take them and shut the hell up. I’ve never heard somebody take shots and say “I’m doing this so I can talk to the Earth”. I live for that moment when these guys are coming down and say “man I’m wasting my life” that’s the smart side coming out.. listen. You are wasting your life, nothing you do on drugs is important, NOTHING. Stephen King and Steve Jobs did drugs, but they’re the exception, I doubt they did their best work while high. And they’re the best examples they’re the exception, if people take drugs in hopes of becoming successful then by all means keep wasting your time, you weren’t going to do it sober anyway. You are the bane of society. You’re the reasons why drugs are illegal.

Okay.. I’m calm now, I got it together. Now normally I try to be more subtle in my Segways but seeing as I can’t think of anything…. I hate hippies. They’re annoying. Shave your face, and go get a job. Which they did, the hippy movement died out in the early 80s and a lot of our parents, parents got their shit together and put on a suit and did their thing. As much as I hate hippies, at a point in history they where completely necessary. America wasn’t very conscience of certain issues, and hippies where basically CNN. A lot like how rappers in the early 80’s reported and raised awareness of conditions in America, hippies pointed out and spoke up against a lot of messed up things, like a totally unnecessary war. There were three days I went to Baltimore with some friends and just did drugs and drank, It was fun, but when it was time to stop I went back to reality, The real world is waiting once the drugs are done.

Futurama Fry - If hippies hate consumerism how come they buy anything with a peace sign on it

My generation is a melting pot of older cultures and people seem to search for a sense of identity. I’m not apart of this generation, I am actually a unique individual and try to avoid letting anything mainstream influence my personality. I had Netflix, but then I switched to HULU because nobody else has it. In the 21st century we have the Modern Hippies. Which is kind of ironic, because now we have another unneccessary war, but people are so much more socially aware due to podcasts, blogs, YouTube, and news stations actually reporting real news every once in a while. We are so aware of politics now-a-days anytime a person in power slips up they have to immediately address for damage control. So you can go away now. And once you take away the social relevance, what makes you a hippy? Drugs once again. As corny as the hippies are, they had a good message. They stood for a lot more than drugs and you’re taking a culture and making it even more shallow then it already is. I have no problem with people being associated with it because you’re actually fighting for something. But that’s like me repping Black Panthers. I haven’t done anything that would reinforce that other than being black. You pride yourself on being different from other people but then you join a group full of people who are exactly like you. Yeah don’t get that. And hippies are supposed to be anti consumerism how come people drink Peace Tea? What makes it peaceful, the peace symbol on the front? Is it made with less cruelty, do the proceeds go to help African children get running shoes? I rest my case.

Now when I was little my wonderful father let me view all kind of shows that I had no business watching. Boondocks, Chappelle Show, Stand up, South Park and that’s where my disdain for politics came into play. I was just old enough to understand the commentary in the simplest sense but a lot of the stuff went above my head. At 11 I  was a militant little bastard. I was a socialist before I even knew what it meant. I wrote stories about overtaking the government, really poorly written stories I was not very good at that point, and I thought I knew how the world worked. Fast Forward a few years later I stumbled across something called the Illuminati. I was infuriated, I told everybody I knew and I got ridiculed. Fast forward another few years everybody knows about this “secret society”. I had grown out of it and was pretty much over it, but now people where talking about it. And talking about. And talking about it some more. Now at this point I was extremely cynical. I had seen both sides of the argument and decided the entire concept is stupid.

With permission I’d like to do some more ranting. Dear Mr. Killuminati. Go read a book. Seriously when we get into discussion that usually ends with you being intellectually defeated and dismissing my points, tell me you got some information from a book. Or a documentary. Or a movie. I’d be impressed is somebody mentioned Fight Club. It is the perfect example of anti corporation, underground revolution movie that avoids hitting the viewer in the face with its subtext. But don’t tell me to go on Youtube. Youtube, where anybody can upload content? Tell me Wikipedia, not YouTube. To anybody above a high school education you sound like an idiot. Tell your parents about the Illuminati. Bet they’ll look at you like you’re special. You’ll say “man  they don’t understand” . No they do, they where the hippies we were talking about. They had they’re rebellious stage , grew up and now are too mature to even engage you. There are so many causes to actually fight for, why would fight an Invisible opponent that you have no chance of even competing with. I guess that’d mean actually leaving the basement huh. “nah man I’ll sign up like Tupac and expose them” Why would the Illuminati want your sorry ass? You don’t do shit but sit up and watch videos about them. And as far as Tupac I think his death was gang related. What makes me say that? He had Thug Life tattooed across his stomach. And to quote the talented Kendrick Lamar ” who said a black man in the illuminati .. that’s the biggest racist party”. I don’t mind you not buying that, I don’t totally buy it myself, but at least consider that as an option. I wouldn’t be surprised if certain artists even put in strange imagery just to get dumbasses to make videos about it and give them more exposure then they already have *cough Rihanna *cough.

Don’t get me wrong there’s definitely some sinister motives out there, but the American government is the least of the offenders. Why don’t you go to China or Cuba and try that “the government is bullshit” bullshit. You can only get away with that in America you’re not about that life for real it’s easy to be a fighter behind a keyboard. There are so many actual causes worth fighting for. Go volunteer, become a paramedic, run for office, shit go join Occupy Wall Street that way you can be seen revolting. You’re wasting what little talent you have talking instead of actually making a difference.

Now that it’s election time you’ll hear a lot of words that get repeated a lot. “Muslim” “Socialism” “Deficit”. These are called hot topics. Politics use these words to get uneducated voters to get riled up but generally they don’t really know what they mean , or the meaning is misconstrued to mean something bad, when it’s actually not depending on the context. When you think of Democracy what comes to mind? The flag, maybe apple pie, but I doubt it’s anything negative. That’s because since we were 5 we were taught Democracy good, anything else is bad and to associate anything negative with Democracy means you’re a Communist. There are documents about this The Red Scare had people locked up merely because they allegedly thought a different form of government was bad. We’ve all been brainwashed into thinking Democracy is the, best, only way to be governed, and up to a few decades I would completely agree.

Another hot topic politics use is Dictatorship. Even when I associate Democracy with a  color it’s red or white or blue, and when I think of Dictatorship a murky grey or brown comes o mind. A clear case of the School System doing it’s job. But is democracy all that effective? America isn’t exactly the same it was years ago. I do believe the average IQ has dropped significantly, I blame Jersey Shore and American Idol. Any body remember as a kid the teacher would give the class a Ultamatium? Sometimes Choice A was a better longterm decision and Choice B had a quick reward. My second grade teacher asked if we’d rather have a full hour of recess and then no recess the next two days or a 30 minute recess for three days. I being ahead of the curve chose option B, but the rest of my class, looking for a quick fix chose option A. Clearly the majority isn’t always the best choice. Most people are idiots, and the smart people are too smart to vote. That’s how you get Bush in office.. twice, who turned us from on top of the world to on its way to a third world country. This isn’t a slant on Conservatives, but if you think Bush was a good president then wow just wow, but now poor Obama has to pick up the pieces of a still great nation that’s divided 3 different ways.

I think we can all agree Obama hasn’t been the best president and hasn’t been the most effective at fixing the economy and a few other issues. But think about it, he has to deal with The Senate, which is now majority Republican, and the people who aren’t that aware. Now the question I present is, is it Obama that’s ineffective or the system? I do believe the right Republican can fix the economy, I even think Obama could easily fix it. But instead of getting somewhere, they’re pulling a rope in different directions and we’re going nowhere as a country and both pointing fingers, nobody blames Congress who can pretty much Negate anything Obama tries to pass.

In the Great Depression Franklin Roosevelt pretty much became the king of America and rebuilt the country to the ground. He even served more than two terms, and in my mind is the best American president, who worked with Congress to get work done and help the people. Now same shit, basically, except nothing can get passed because the Republican party is focused on getting Obama out of office and Obama is worried about getting back in office. The difference was FDR had little to no resistance. He passed what he wanted, and clearly the results where positive. FDR was pretty much a Benevolent Dictator. Did I just say Dictatorship was good? I’m just getting started.

Now even though in my last article I slammed people who thought the government lies about Everything, fact is the government is extremely manipulative. Politics are just a popularity contest, as opposed to whose the best candidate, or even working together between parties to get shit done. You only really have two choices.  And while they can’t directly tell you what to do but they can influence how you think and how you live. Now I’m going to explain why, purely in an economic sense, that Democracy isn’t always that great. If you look back at the richest, biggest nations almost none of them are Democracies. They’re either Dictatorships or ruled by a King or Queen. Imagine a store where everybody had a say in what would happen. In some cases it could prove helpful, but in a lot more cases it’d ruin the business. You need a boss to come in and put some foot in some ass so that shit goes smoothly. When Hitler came into power, Germany was in the shitter, The dollar wasn’t worth shit, there was no real government, the cities were filled with trash. He was elected and then in two years turned it into a world power. Two years and Elected.. If Hitler had gotten shot during a speech right before he invaded Poland, He’d be a hero, and be held in history as one of the greatest man alive. Ant that’s the worst case scenario for a Dictatorship. THE WORST CASE, a man rebuilds an entire country. I’m not making a point for Dictatorship, Democracy is cool, but we as a country need to open our eyes, and see things for the way they really are there should be an alternative choice at the least.


I have recently witnessed a surplus of idiots who love to think they are intellectual or deep. This is usually because of Youtube or psychedelics. While talking to one of these smart dumb asses, America might come into the conversation. I usually don’t like overly patriotic people who have a “Fuck every other country” mentality, because they’re kind of naive and annoying, but you can tell their heart is in the right place.

What I absolutely hate, are people who don’t watch C-SPAN, don’t listen to debates, and don’t even read the newspaper, but love to tell you how shitty America is and how the Government lies about EVERYTHING. Just to make things clear There’s nothing wrong with loving your country, and there’s nothing wrong with hating your country. Everyone is titled to their opinions, BUT there is a such thing as an educated opinion. If you got injured on the job, and Medicaid won’t help you, The Court can’t help you out, and you can’t get disabilities, i more than understand if you are less than pleased with the way things are going. But if you just sit at home all day , smoking weed and watching anti-illumunati videos, you have no idea what you’re talking about. You don’t work, you don’t really help society other than the 3 cents of tax money out of the dollar you spend on your Arizona. Like I said, Educated. Really, yes America is not what it used to be , economically of course I haven’t been here long enough to really know what ” the good old days” were like, but even in our recession things are much better here than say .. Russia or Africa. I would love to drop these dumbasses off there and tell them they’re free from the oppression of the United States Government.

Ask one of these idiots if they vote. Nah man I don’t vote bro it doesn’t make a difference it’s all corrupt man a YouTube video told me so. Wow so you have the power to pretty much influence the government and get your voice heard, but you refuse because it doesn’t matter. If you vote you can bitch about the government all you want. If you don’t vote Shut the Fuck up it’s your fault you had the power and blew it. Basically If you don’t like the country get the fuck out. We’re really better off without you. And since the government is evil, don’t apply for healthcare, student loans, none of that shit it’s dirty money you’re smart enough to where you don’t need the help..