So far in 2012 as of me writing this article there has been over 100 films that have gotten wide releases. of those 100 films only 4 of them have a prodementially black cast. Good Deeds, Red Tails, Think Like A Man and Madea’s Witness Protection. I can count them on one hand. Of the four not one got above a 60% or “fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes, a website which compiles reviews and gives a percentage. a “Fresh” rating means mixed reception with 80% being acclaim and 40% being bad. Not one black film with a wide release got above mediocre reception. Two of  the four of these movies produced, acted in, directed, and written by Tyler Perry. The Micheal Bay of black cinema.. No, the George W. Bush of black cinema, but we’ll come back to him.

I am an inspiring black director. My main influences would be David Fincher, Martin Scorsese, and Darren Aronofsky, who respectavily directed Fight Club, GoodFellas, and Black Swan. Regretably, None of my influences are black. And as a disclaimer, racism is still alive, but from what I’ve seen at least, in America it’s a non problem. People need to stop using race as a crutch and be united. But in terms of American Cinema, I have to pull the race card. I’m not sure I should even call them “Black Movies”, but since the movies only cater to black audiences then it’s if the shoe fits. In the same way they’re are good movies that happen to be made towards females they’re also “chick flicks” that only work for the lowest common denominator. Right Now Black Cinema is ass. They’re are very few Black movies I’d consider “classics”.  Really, I don’t like using the phrase “black movie”. I don’t give movies extra points for being “black” I’d chose a good “white” movie over a shitty black one.

The two movies from Black People I’d say are actually great are “Boyz N The Hood” and “Do The Right Thing”. While I haven’t seen all of the movies my race have made, these two are masterpieces and are fit to be named with the best of American cinema. I don’t even like calling them black that’s a crutch and simplyfying them. Do The Right Thing is about self worth and tension within a neighborhood. The neighborhood is a metaphor for America. The charecter’s race isn’t important. The Pizza shop could’ve been a Gyro shop, or a Chinese restaurant. Boyz N The Hood is about the importance of having a father. The setting could change but the themes could stay the same. My point is we as a culture can’t put ourselves in a box and expect the film industry not to label it. And if a movie is to be black it needs to be better than what we’ve been served so far.


Black people suck at making comedies. There’s so many different ways a comedy can work. It can be subtle while telling an engaging or honest story with realistic feeling charecters. It can be a satire that comments about politics. Nope not black comedies. Black comedies are about fart jokes and dressing up like females. No social commentary, no metaphors or complex themes, it’s about dressing up like a female. This isn’t all Tyler Perry’s fault. Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, and the Waynes Brothers are all guilty. The only black comedy that’s actually smart comes from The Boondocks, which is on the verge of cancellation, so then it’s back to the shit Nickolodeon shows are too smart for. Only black movies getting made now are comedies. While Think Like A Man, is the better of them, it’s still just a bland typical romantic comedy that manages to actually be pretty clever at points. I’m usually more critical of black movies but I have to be. Even though Adam Sandler is pumping out awful movies, there’s still plenty of more great movies to balance that out. The pinnacle of black movies in 2012 is Think Like A Man. And I shouldn’t say “white cinema” but let’s be honest white leads is the norm. I don’t have an issue with that, they’re aren’t a lot of good black leading men that are working and if George Clooney is better for the part then Denzel Washington I’d say go for it. But I find it repulsive that nobody but me wants better black movies then ones Kevin Hart star in. And to be fair I’m only going after wide released films so maybe I need to look at smaller indie films for better movies.

I think the saddest thing about movies right now is that the only things available suck. Even Spike Lee and John Singleton are still decent directors, but they can’t get any projects of the ground. We’re stuck with bullshit directors like Tyler Perry. I even heard they’re making a new Friday movie. It’s terrible black people can’t take a step forward, not even in the movies. Shit TV isn’t any better BET is the worst tv Network on air. We need to do better.