I’m not the biggest fan of music.  Most of the music that comes out is trash or worse. That goes double for rap music and I’d say Rock which are both not so slowly inching over into the Pop genre. But, when I love a song or group or album I listen to it religiously for months. This causes certain periods of my life to have a soundtrack. Freshmen year was Kanye’s Late Registration and Lupe’s Food And Liquor , Senior year was My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Last Winter was Ambition and Take Care.  This point of my life with probably be Good Kid Maad City, because I have not been able to stop listening to it since it dropped last month. There’s something about good music that takes me back to my memories, making me feel almost incomplete. It’s funny I’ll probably show my kids Kanye West cds to my kids and tell them how inconvenient Compact Discs are compared to whatever technology is available to them in the future.

Let’s me define what good music is to me personally. Now, I’m a nobody and as I said I don’t listen to a lot of music. That said I’m always open to new bands or groups or artists and I think my extremely specific palate for music is an advantage when judging bodies of work.  My favorite albums are Rap because that’s naturally what I’m drawn to and around me being a black male. Not that it’s a race thing that’s just how I was raised and what I was raised around. But I have bought plenty of other genres. I’m a huge fan of System Of A Down, and Jimi Hendrix and Linkin Park. Actually not huge, but I have a few of their albums. I’m a really big fan of Indie rock and the vibe I feel when I hear songs that I can’t quite understand.  That being said to use Kendrick Lamar as an example he makes great music. It’s appealing to listen to, it’s got several double meanings, some great lyricism, everything. It takes me to a place in my mind and paints imagery that cannot be explained. It makes me think and I even teared up quite a few times. Music is supposed to have an emotional effect on you. I’m supposed to think when I hear music.

One conversation that always stuck with me is when my childhood friend always asked me how is rap music. They don’t play any instruments. And I was puzzled and for awhile I had no response. Now I know rap instrument is the backdrop of the beat and the way he puts his words together. Anybody can have a basic ABAC rap scheme, but it takes somebody special to rhyme 4 syllables in one bar. That’s how you get an Eminem or a Kanye, who also produce their own shit and I do think belong with Micheal Jackson, Queen, The Rolling Stones as being musical geniuses. Now most rap sucks, but when done right it can be the best form of music. Rap is malleable and can change tones throughout. A rap song can contain R and B elements or Jazz or even a Metal element and still be a rap song. Nothing has more impact then a rapper pouring his heart out over a track. There’s never been a Micheal Jackson song I cried in. He’s the kind of Pop. It’s still Pop though which is just music for anybody with two ears.  You have to listen to lyrics to really understand what rappers are saying, which is one of my favorite aspects.

Now, we live in a society where people can’t stand when other people don’t like what they like. There’s nothing wrong with Pop, but I’ve never heard a great Pop song. Nothing that made me want to do more then just sing a long.  I’ve heard catchy Pop songs. I’ve even heard shit that’s good for a Pop song, but I can’t consider anything that won’t change somebodies perspective great. It needs to be insightful.  You even have Eletronica, songs made entirely from a computer. Now, to me, this is a step below rap and spoken word. It’s only made just for people to dance to. I’m sure there are exceptions, but I’m talking about the shit that’s just to dancing to. I wouldn’t call an Eletronica song with lyrics and symbolism Eletronica.

Now a step below Eletronica is Dubstep. Dubstep is the equivalent of erasing the name of someones test and writing your name on it.  No words at all. Here’s a rule of thumb no song without words can be considered a great song. The only exemption being classical music, music for a soundtrack. I’m not a big fan of classical music, but at least it invokes emotion. Dubstep is just noise to me. Even the best Dubstep songs are just sampling and even stealing from other songs and adding that weird ass noise in there.  Rap can get away with sampling because as I said it’s all about setting the tone, if I rapper quoted another rapper word for word for their verse that’d be a bad song obviously.  Dubstep is fine for playing Call Of Duty or working out or tripping balls. I don’t usually trip balls, but when I do I love me some dub step, or any music really. That’s the thing though. Being inebriated makes everything better. It takes drugs or alcohol to get your brain to a state where it’s easily stimulated then, the dub step is stimulating. Shit, I could sit and stare at a blank piece of paper and have a thrilling experience on drugs. I can listen to the sound of waves crashing against rocks and be satisfied so that’s one knock against dub step. And for all you dickriders who love dub step and call it great music, when’s the last time  you where doing something and then stopped so you can really become one with a song with no distractions. When’s the last time dub step made you cry? Exactly shut the fuck up, it’s just noise, go sit in a car repair shop you’ll get the same effect.

Basically, I don’t care what you like. You can like Amazon Forest Ambience for all I care. I like weird shit, part of the fun is knowing I’m the only person who likes it. Transformers and Twilight are two of the worst movie franchises out there, but I’m not going to judge if you enjoyed them . Shit New Moon is the funniest movie ever when you’re intoxicated. But the problem comes in when you say they’re “great”. Then I gotta mess with you a little bit. Don’t go around calling something great, then get mad when people disagree, THEN get even more mad when you can provide proper reasoning for your opinion, because I have no shame and will definitely tell you why what you like sucks so hard.